*Welcome to our website*


HOMEorAWAY are a small family run business that was established in 2002.

We are situated in Gateshead, which is in the North East of England and we specialise in transporting pets to and from various locations including...

- Boarding Kennels, Catteries and Rescues -

  - Grooming Parlours -

- Home Relocations -


(MARCH 2019) - We are unable to carry out any 'long distance' pickups at the moment. However, anything within an 80 mile radius of Gateshead may be considered. Sorry for the inconvenience. 



We also carry our regular pickups on behalf of various animal charities such as...

- Cats Protection -

- Pawz for Thought -

- The Dogs Trust -


HOMEorAWAY also provide North Tyneside Council and Newcastle Upon Tyne Council with an

Out of Hours Dog Warden Service