*About Us*



HOME or AWAY are a small family run business which started in 2002. Since then our reputation of being more than capable of transporting pets safely and securely all over the UK has grown and grown. We are first and foremost animal lovers and as a family have owned a wide range of pets over the years but mainly cats and dogs. We are situated in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear and our main area of business tends to be in the North East. Since we started, we have built up a good relationship with most of the kennels and grooming parlours situated in the area, so if you're planning on sending your pets off on a short break or just for a pampering session, if you require transport there is a good chance they will be picked up by us. We also do regular long distance work which has seen us travel the length and breadth of the country with a wide range of interesting occupants. One trip in particular involved us picking up Cats, Dogs, Ducks, Geese, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and even Chickens from down in Kent, then relocating them to Morpeth where their new owners lived. We have also had the privilege of helping out a few famous faces in the region including ex Newcastle United stars Nolberto Solano and Darren Ambrose. We have picked up lots of pets from one end of the country and driven them hundreds of miles to meet up with their owners who have been moving house, in one instance Glasgow to London!

HOME or AWAY have enabled many people from various locations to collect their new pets from breeders situated all over the UK. We also do work on a regular basis for many animal charities, including picking up cats for CATS PROTECTION and taking them to loving new homes or to rehoming centres such as those situated in Glasgow and Sussex. We also help THE DOGS TRUST transport dogs to new owners or to rehoming centres around the UK. Since starting this business, we have transported hundreds of animals around the UK for various different reasons and they have come in all shapes and sizes. From 18 stone Newfoundland and Bull Mastiff dogs to tropical fish and tiny hedgehogs who were in need of some tender loving care, which they received at a local Hedgehog Rescue Centre. We love the job we do and we get a kick out of seeing animals enjoying their time travelling with us. Whatever your animal, we will always do our very best to get them where you want them to go!!